Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Apologize for some delay 😅

As the saying goes, pengen update a.s.a.p tapi apa daya, works is catching up, catching me for sure ahem ...
Hari ini pindahan 'pabrik', so ga ada alasan untuk pegang laptop (now I'm updating with my not too comfy tab). Dari kemarin udah nyingsingin lengan baju buat pegang sapu, sapu lidi, ember, and even rumput haishhhh ....
My palms is callusing 😂😂😂
It's surely a hard work indeed, but I am excited because the new 'house' consists of many room and I succesfully landed with my own new office, yeaaaaaayy finally after years enduring with others in the same workplace.
I am so looking for the achievement here ... fingers crossed 😊😊
And for the translation project, I promised to work it out as soon as the new place settle, in two days for the least.

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